Bersony and Milienne Dorceus

Bersony and his wife Miliene had the vision to start this mission. 

When it began, he was a part-time concrete mason, when he could find work opportunities.


He is a contractor for the mission; masonry, farming, carpentry, etc. He is talented in Music and a Pastorial role. He is the leader over Kid's Clubs.

Milienne, as a mother and a Christian; she felt a deep hurt in her heart for this situation with the local children. She knew urgent intervention was needed.  She and Her husband prayed and asked God to direct them to help the children. 


They opened their yard and invited children. They had up to 300 children, each Saturday for 3 years. They sang, prayed, taught Bible verses, and cooked. 

They taught the children how to love each other, obey their parents, and be friendly with other people.


She is the director and planner of feeding over 5,000 meals monthly for school and Kid's Clubs.

Wegens Dextra

HCHO  Haiti Country Director

lives in Port-au-Prince and serves Morne Barbeau and Destra.

Masters Degree in Theology,

Masters Degree in Education,


​Director of Ministry for Christian Development. Director of training facility for elders and deacon church leadership. 

Also, Board Member at Compassion International- Haiti, Board Member on "Read to Rise' Haiti. and volunteer at Theological Seminary.

Wegens is the Co-Founder of HCHO. 

He does all oversite of the Haiti's Childrens Hope Org. He directs all management for all of the programs and activities.

He is the visionary for current and future programs.

Jacob Wilson

The US Director of HCHO lives in Lincoln, Nebraska

Bachelors Degree Theology 

Pilot 44 years, Cessna to Boeing Aircraft. 23 years as an Aviation Safety Inspector.

Jacob got involved with this mission after visiting his sponsored child 9 years ago, after the devastation of the earthquake of 2010. He joined up with Bersony, Milienne Dorseus, and Wegens Dextra and started Haiti's Childrens Hope Org. 

He couldn't ignore what he had seen and when coming home, he generated backing to help these kids and their families to provide food, education, along with spiritual, physical, and social growth.

He sees this as a opportunity to better the community. It is an opportunity for the children to live in a Christian

environment. The future of any country is depending on the next generation.  By our education program we, are preparing children, who will be used by God, to bring hope and a better life to future generations of Haitians. 

Adler Thomas

Masters Degree in Chemistry,

Professor at 6 Universities and Colleges, including University of Port-au- Prince

 - Nurses College of Leogane, Fodwa Veterinarian School and others.


HCHO's Accountant, Advisory Architect, Engineer for Construction.

He's traveled to Belgium and USA, Boston Mass, MIT

He is the architect of the building, grounds, and overseer of construction 


He loves the children of Haiti.  He believes in doing things that will make a     

difference. His goal is to improve the lives of the people in this community.


Haiti's Childrens Hope Org. School admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.

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