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Updated: Feb 23, 2018

 June 2, 2017 Haiti’s Childrens Hope Organization (HCHO) 5 Year History In January of 2010 a massive earthquake devastated Haiti. This was preceded a year earlier by 3 major Hurricanes in 2009. In January 2011 Jacob Wilson traveled to the Leogane area to see how our family could help our Compassion International Sponsored Child (Cherane). In 2011 we were able to build a small 2 room block home through Compassion. In February 2012, Wilson went back to see and document the completion of the house project. A gentlemen, Wegens Dextra, ask if we could help with other projects. In June 2012 Haiti’s Childrens Project (now HCHO) began with food assistance for a small bible study, including 18 children. This was at the home of Milleane and Bersony Dorces. The bible study and lunch grew to 200 and later 300 children, each Saturday, in the Dorces front yard. In January 2013, Wilson traveled to Haiti on behalf of HCHO and to meet the Haitian Team. Friendships and relationships were established through nightly meetings for 9 days. Family and friends in the USA were helping fund lunches in Morne Barbeau, Haiti. After this trip micro-finance, child school scholarships, child rescue, and other needs were being expanded. These meetings established vision, dreams, and plans to further children and community ministry. A trip in September was made to continue development. 2013 continued with building a second house by HCHO, and purchasing property for Kid’s Club, Christian School, and expansion. Samaritan’s Purse came to our Kid’s Club and shared Operation Christmas Child. In January 2014 a USA Team traveled to Haiti and worked with a handicapped orphanage in Port-au-Prince and HCHO at Morne Barbeau. In May of 2014 Mr. Wilson (HCHO USA Project Director) was diagnosed with serious bone cancer. He began treatment in the USA. Over 500 Haitians prayed. 3 years later Mr. Wilson is in remission and continues treatment in USA and Haiti. People continue to pray and HCHO grows. In December 2014, Adler Thomas travels to USA from Haiti, to expand prayer and financial base in USA. Mr. Thomas takes the Wilson family (including a very sick Mr. Wilson back to Haiti) for a short visit January 2015. In March 2015, a US Team travels to Haiti to help with the school building roof (first floor) construction. The team is led by Cari Ryan and Jordan Weston. In the fall 2015/2016, 85 students attended the Christian School (with school lunches) on HCHO property. A deep water well for the community was drilled. The US Navy Band came to HCHO property, played a concert and shared supplies. On March 2016, Jacob and Sierra (daughter) traveled to Haiti, and are met later by Cari’s USA Team for Vacation Bible School. 2016/2017 the school opened in September with 145 students. Further construction of an additional classroom upstairs allowed more students and programs. The second year allowed Kindergarten to Grade 3. In January 2017, a school nurse was added. Mr. Wilson traveled to Haiti in April to help develop and plan a Medical Clinic for Fall 2017. Currently, we have 8 teachers, administration, support staff, and cooks. Through June 2017 construction has continued. HCHO currently has 5 programs: Christian Grade School Kid’s Club Food for Life Child Scholarship Program Health Care Program HCHO is recognized by the Republique of Haiti, Minister of Social Affairs, Government as Organization Espoir aux Enfants d’ Haiti/ Haiti’s Childrens Hope Organisation. The school is recognized and called Ecole Chretienne Espoir De Morne Barbeau. HCHO is a Non-Profit Corporation, 501C3 in the US (Nebraska) and recognized by the IRS. We are thankful to God, our friends, and family. May God continue to bless us, as we move into the future of serving children and their families. To God be the Glory!!



Haiti's Childrens Hope Org. School admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.

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