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A busy next 2 months

Updated: Feb 25, 2018

Haiti’s Children’s Hope Org. HCHO March 5, 2018


We are happy to have our first USA Team going to Haiti in March. They will help prepare the April opening, of our second Saturday bible study (Kid’s Club) and feeding center. This is in an impoverished area, near the sea called Destra.

A temporary kitchen, toilet, and repairs to a small earthquake, hurricane, damaged building, will be prepared for perhaps 200 children. This will open up more opportunities to teach children and supply food subsidy to their lives.Vision 2018 continues construction, on temporary school medical area and generator room in February. We also, have one adult and one child English Course being taught. We had training for teachers of Kid’s Club last month.

The big news of last month is the permanent 2 room Medical Clinic foundations

are complete. We are also starting our search for a grade school band teacher

for HCHO Christian School at Morne Barbeau. We have quite a few band instruments already at our school.

March/April will bring Adler Thomas ( HCHO Accountant, Construction Engineer,

and Visionary for HCHO) back to Oklahoma and Nebraska. Adler is a professor

in Haiti. He works at the University of Port-au-Prince, and 5 other colleges. He

teaches chemistry. He will be here to help do fund-raising for HCHO. Please let

us know if we need to come to your area to speak or attend an event.

HCHO is recognized by the Republique of Haitian, Minister of Social Affairs,

Government as Organization Espoir aux Enfants d’ Haiti/ Haiti’s Childrens Hope

Organization. The school is called Ecole Chretienne Espoir De Morne Barbeau.

HCHO is a US, Nebraska Non-Profit Corporation 501C3 and recognized by the IRS.

This year we are planning to complete the Christian School Facility and Medical

Clinic. We are hoping to add used 4-wheel drive transportation. It is needed for

the school and medical emergencies. No one in the area has an automobile. A

few people have motorcycles. We are planning to add a permanent modern/

traditional kitchen, add a small farm, and an administration/library building this

year. These buildings would allow us to better serve the children and community

in the area. These changes would make the area more sustainable for the future.

We appreciate everyone, as you consider prayer, funding, or going to visit our

ministry in Haiti. May God bless us as we move forward. Thanks for all we can

do together.

Jacob E. Wilson President, Haiti’s Childrens Hope Org., Lincoln, NE

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