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Updated: Aug 29, 2018

Haiti’s Childrens Hope Org. HCHO June 22,


Just returned from Haiti. We have much going on. Final school exams were in progress, the pouring of the Medical Clinic Roof, interviewing 2 Doctors, 6 Year HCHO Celebration, and visiting the 2 Kid’s Clubs and 2 churches. It was a busy time, but much was accomplished. This time I traveled alone and saw the Vision, Ideas, and Plans all coming together as we develop children’s lives and futures. I was able to work on Child Sponsorships. Now we have 139 and need a total of 180. They remain at $25 US Dollars a Month per Child.

We had a good meeting with one Cuban Christian Doctor, that already works in a Rural Clinic and can add us to her schedule. She had many good ideas. The Haitian Doctor has experience at Doctors Without Borders. He also appeared to be a good fit.

Our 6 year Celebration had 550 in attendance. This included the Village Mayor and he thanked us for improving the lives of the children and families in the area. He stated after the earthquake and hurricanes this was very much needed. The children and community came out in there best dress, to pray, sing, dance, and hear short messages and poetry. The dances from the children spoke of the changing world.

At Home; children have no electricity, no computers, no running water, no cars, no television, no internet, no phone, and most with only limited food, and little if any medical care.

By September, we hope our school and medical clinic have electricity. We are collecting band instruments, now for our Fall Band. We are now teaching basic music, english, agriculture, and soon we plan to teach better healthcare. It looks to be a busy Summer. Kid’s Club will continue every Saturday and construction is planned.

Our new Kid’s Club near the Sea (Destra) has grown to 200. It is a very rural area with 800 families and a daily income of about $1/50 a day. Fishing and farming are staples.

Many of you know, I have Multiple Myeloma (a form of bone marrow cancer) not something I speak of to often, as a 4 year survivor, as they say. I saw the Face of Cancer up close in Haiti this time. One of our former teachers (late 20s) has stage 4 cancer and I spent time with her and her husband. Faith and Medical Science is our plan at the new Medical Clinic. Please pray for Rosimite, she needs a Biblical Miracle.

It was a great trip and I am encouraged by the Haitian People and there hard work of a better future. I am so thankful and appreciate my Family and Friends in the USA for their support, prayers, and understanding. This journey could not be done without each of you. Whether it is $25 or $15,000, it all works together. I was encouraged to see our school starts daily, with prayer and devotions. I believe we are on the right track, as we feed children spiritually and physically. I see positive social and economic change in our community.

Sincerely, Jacob E. Wilson President HCHO



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