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Updated: Feb 25, 2018

Haiti’s Childrens Hope Org. HCHO December 8, 2017

Hello all, Just got back last night from Morne Barbeau, Haiti. What a wonderful time of the year. The children of our school will experience a more traditional Christmas, we might recognize this year. This is our 6th Christmas as HCHO. We have had 3 contributors this season to add Christmas, as we know it. Most children of the countryside in our area never experience, a birthday gift or Christmas Gift, in there life as a child, due to the harsh world of poverty. One of my friends is 26 years old and never had experienced a birthday party, until last year when I was there. Another friend, (a teacher) told me that he had heard of the (Legend of Santa Claus) when he was a young child. When he ask his Father about this, he told him that he missed Santa’s visit; that he had already had passed by without leaving a gift for him. He said he had always felt a bit hurt by this. Three Christmas Gifts: This year December 22, 2017 our School (180 Children) will Celebrate Jesus Birthday. On Saturday, December 23, 2017, Kid’s Club (380) will Celebrate also. At Kid’s Club, there will be a Poetry, Acting, and Singing Contest leading up to all of this Celebration for several weeks. 1. Before, I left Haiti, the Christmas Tree was purchased. Also, Decorations and lights were added. It was wonderful watching our Haitian Co-Director, purchase and plan all of this. It was fascinating to watch 5 grown men work and plan, as we lit the decorated tree, at night. We started the generator to power the lights and the men stared in awe, enjoying the moment. Perhaps, they thought of their past Christmas experiences or lack of; and the experiences there friends and family would experience this year. Thanks to my good aviation friends, who blessed us with this gift, for this specific Christmas event. The tree should last for many years. 2. The second group of gifts were provided by my wife, Michele. She went to the the Dollar Store and selected gifts for every school child. This may be many children’s only store bought gift ever, for Christmas or their Birthday. These gifts, were dolls, airplanes, and flutes. She and my daughters came to Haiti on the first half of this trip. This will probably be many children’s only gift this year, due to poverty. 3. The third gift was something many of you have helped with, as the construction of the playground is being completed this week. We have (2) slides, (4) two unit swings, (1) eight place Merry-go-Round, and a flagpole added to fly the Haitian Flag.

Haiti’s Childrens Hope Org. HCHO December 8, 2017 I would like to thank all of our volunteers, contributors, and teams, that have worked, provide funds, or have gone to Haiti this year. We are anticipating a great 2018, with with many goals, to finish important projects. These will provide support for the Christian School, medical care, and the feeding center for many years.

Merry Christmas to all. May we always remember the the true reason for Christmas, as we Celebrate God’s Gift to us. In Him, Jacob E. Wilson Haiti’s Children’s Hope Org. 5301 South Coddington Ave. Lincoln, Nebraska 68523 WebSite: E-Mail:



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