• Jacob Wilson


Updated: Feb 24, 2018

  Haiti’s Children’s Hope Org. HCHO February 1, 2018

Greetings, Hope your winter is going good. We are excited to continue our 5 programs, all programs are doing well. We are still feeding 5,000 meals monthly. 1. The Christian School (180 Children) 2. Kid’s Club (400 Children)

3. Food for Life (Animal Program) 4. Child Scholarship Program (105 of 180 now sponsored) 5. Medical Care (school) Our construction projects are off to a good start. Vision 2018 is on track. The playground equipment is completed and functioning. The Christmas Tree and decorations are in storage. The windows and door are on the generator (electrical) room have been completed. The temporary Medical Clinic is being moved upstairs with windows and door completed away from Principals Office. A new partition was finished to separate an upstairs classroom. We now have an English course added for 30 students. We have 3 teachers and this is being paid for by the students from the local village. We are forming a grade school band. February should find the completion of windows on the school second story and foundations and walls completed on the Permanent Medical Clinic. March will see our first US Team 2018, sent to do construction work and building relationships, with the Haitian Team and Children. We are excited about the work ahead and pray for continued funding to provide for the operational and construction needs of this year. We pray for completion, new starts, and expansions in programs and construction needs. We pray to move from immediate poverty needs to sustainable programs. As we in the US look to spring, we pray that our friends in Haiti have a mild year in natural and man-made disasters. May God bless us as we move forward. We ask for continued prayer and continued contributions to serve the impoverished area we serve. Thanks for all we can do together. For His Children, Jacob E. Wilson President, Haiti’s Childrens Hope Org. 501c3, Lincoln, NE Haiti’s Children’s Hope Org. HCHO February 1, 2018



Haiti's Childrens Hope Org. School admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.

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