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For I was Hungry Campaign

For I was Hungry Campaign

Hello from Haiti,

For over a year, challenges of fuel shortages and inflation have gripped the country. Now demonstrations and protest have frozen the country. Roads are closed most days, businesses, banks, schools, and medical facilities are limited or closed. Schools have been closed over 5 weeks.

Food is hard to purchase and especially, if you have no money, due to unemployment, interrupted jobs, on and off bank closings, and dangerous and limited transportation.

Haiti's Childrens Hope Org. has started, "For I was Hungry Campaign". This week we purchased 59 large bags of rice and have distributed over 460 smaller bags to our church, Kid's Clubs, and school children. This is to assist the community, we have been involved in for over 7 years. Each 55 lbs bag of rice is $20.

We are suggesting that our US Churches have a special fundraiser or offering immediately, for Sunday, November 3rd and 10th. HCHO would manage the feeding of hundreds, if not thousands of meals to hungry people.

Thanks for your consideration and special gift to "For I was Hungry Campaign.

In Jesus for His Children,

Jacob Wilson (President) Haiti's Childrens Hope Org. Currently in Haiti, I should be back November 6th.




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