• Jacob Wilson

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2019 Haiti’s Childrens Hope Org.

Greetings US Team!!! Great to be Alive in 2019, with new expectations and many

wonderful things accomplished in 2018.

We plan to serve more children and the communities of Morne Barbeau and

Destra. To serve God in this small way, to present Jesus and His Love, has been

such a great experience for me and hopefully for all of you.

Spread the word to family friends we are in our 7th year. June 2019 will be the

official 7 year Celebration, for anyone that may want to go. We are open to

Teams of evangelism, medical, construction, child building relationship, or other


We now have a beautiful Medical Clinic (still looking for Doctor Funding $600

Monthly) or teams or both. Our School nurse is there for the school children or

the community. We are getting monthly reports from her.

We would like to finish items in the Medical Clinic and School this winter and

spring. Our Truck and Motorcycle are doing well to help with transportation to

support HCHO. We have the water pump funded now. The last 5 windows

should be in the school soon. The playground looks much better and more

usable now. Thanks December Team.

By the end of Summer 2019, we hope to have at least 1 more classroom for

Fall 6th Grade. This can be done in several ways. I will attach Vision 2019. Do

not let it scare you. This is Vision which may be done soon or 10 years or

whenever. P.S we have never had an official Budget. The Funds have been

fully dependent on God and support of all our Family, Friends, other interested in

Haiti’s Children. We still get 97% of each dollar to Haiti.

As you know Wegens, Adler, Pastor Jimmy, and the rest of the Haitian Team,

Teachers, and Support are amazing. I have not seen such faith in US for the

most part. Adler truly knows where every dollar goes. Milleane and Bersony

have taught me so much about life and love for others.

God Bless your busy year. Suggestions are always good. Please be prepared to

help make the suggestions a reality.

In Jesus,

Jacob Wilson HCHO



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