• Jacob Wilson

Lessons Learned

Thinking back on my recent trip to Haiti, I'm reminded of 1st Corinthians 12:12-27 which says, “We have many parts but all belong to Christ, all parts are necessary to work to the good of the whole.” I'm a human and have many shortcomings and every time I think back to this last trip one-story stands out in my mind. We awoke early to head out to see our new site for kids club, riding on our motorcycles down a bumpy road. Arriving at the church there are about 10 of us ready to work, we have wood and nails as well as one saw, one hammer, a level and a tape measure. We are preparing to build benches. I notice two pickaxes in a large hole out back that someone has already begun digging for the new toilets. Bersony and Jordan seem to be doing most of the work but I can hand nails, hold boards and retrieve more boards as needed. I even cut about 2 in off one board. Most of the others jump in and help as well but there is one man though that I noticed who seems to do nothing. He is wearing a red shirt, he looks to be able bodied and capable but perhaps he is lazy! As the day goes on I keep seeing him, he stands, he sits, he walks but he does not work. Occasionally he leaves so I conclude he's only there to look like he's helping. The day is over and we head back to eat and relax for tomorrow we will finish our project. Day two at Destra dawns and we now have more supplies and enough work for all but the man in the red shirt is back and he's still not working. I'm busy working picking up nails, marking boards, holding wood. I Marvel at all that I've done a woman in a dress crawling around on a cement floor in dust and dirt. I see the man in the red shirt again, he looks dirtier than he was so maybe he did something after all. He disappears again and I go back to work.

It's lunchtime food and water for all. A time to sit and enjoy the breeze. I noticed a few people carrying bricks so I look to see what they're doing. They're carrying bricks to the new toilet. Rocks and cement now line the bottom and our very own mason is building the walls inside. Such hard, dirty work and with a keen eye, he keeps everything perfectly level. He mixes mortar and carefully lays brick after brick in perfect order, he is a hard worker and very smart, helpful does not even do him justice. He is the perfect man for the job, his red shirt is even dirtier. He doesn't quit for lunch because this is where he is needed the time to work can't wait as the mortar is wet.

God knew all along that he was not lazy he knew that I needed a lesson in not judging others and that no work is more important than any other, thank you God for a lesson I won't soon forget.

Cari Ryan



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