• Jacob Wilson

Medical Care in Haiti

Updated: Apr 8, 2018


I would like to dedicate this story to the many friends I have in Haiti, that have

poor Health Care and health issues, due to poverty and limited opportunities.

In the last year and last couple of months, our area has witnessed many with

various health care issues.

I believe we can make positive changes to this issue through our new small Medical Clinic.

This will be a building with clean, modern, electrically equipped, with internet, that can make

a difference in people lives. It will be available for the children and the community.

Our US Team and Haiti Team of physicians, will coordinate together to get timely

results to improve healthcare. We plan to have an automobile for hospital

transfers that are slow, because no one has transportation in the area.

Margareth, Donald, Maddy, Daus, Shirlene, and Lonise are all friends, that could

have used local services to provide improved healthcare recently. These are all

HCHO family that are very close to us. Many of you have prayed for them or

their families.

Professional Medical Staff, transportation, electricity, internet, and coordination

of US Staff and Local Haitian Team are all a part of better health care. Volunteer

US medical teams would visit several times a year to the community and local

hospitals. Timely early coordination seems to be a key to a better healthcare.

To make this all work, we need talented, experienced, professional staff, from

the US and Haiti Doctors and healthcare workers. This professional team

working together will enhance the outcomes of modern health systems.

Currently, we have foundations, floors, plumbing, and walls. The next steps are a

roof, windows, and doors. Final steps will be electrical, internet, refrigeration,

and modern 4 wheel drive used automobile.

We currently have 180 school students daily, and up to 380 children on

Saturdays. April Saturdays we add, new Saturday Kid’s Club II, perhaps 200.

I am anticipating God will finish these plans through prayer, people, funds, and a

heart for those in poverty in Haiti. Thanks for your time and sharing in our efforts.

Sincerely, Jacob W.



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