• Jacob Wilson

Medical Update: Introductions of the New Medical Team.

Haiti’s Children’s Hope Org. HCHO February 10, 2019

Medical Update: Introductions of the New Medical Team.

First of all, I would like to thank, Nurse Maddy Stephanie, for working with our children in our Christian School. For 2 years, she has been our Nurse and giving Medical Care to our 213 students. On October 25 and 26, we opened our first Mobile Medical Clinic. We had Dr. Eric Riddle from the USA, and 3 Haitian Doctors from the Local Area. We have had a Cuban Doctor, near us give great advice. We saw about 70 patients in 2 days. Dr. Eric Riddle has decided to be our US Medical Clinic Oversight Coordinator. He and His wife, Jen, both did a great job in Haiti. He works in a Hospital, here in Lincoln, Nebraska. Dr. Leger Eliezer, starts February 11, 2019 to be our lead Haitian Doctor. The areas of medical, will start with Limited Emergencies, Hygiene, General Consultation, Pharmacy, Family Planning, and Vaccines. Thanks to our local church, the Doctor has been funded for 6 months. We pray, we are in better position to help the community. Last year we lost 7 people of which most I knew. These medical issues were mostly issues, that in the USA would have different outcomes. We lost a Child, Teacher, HCHO Leader, Co-Director’s Sister, and others we loved. 2 weeks ago, we had our first life change, due to Parkinson's Medication. This started with the Mobile Clinic, Medicine was funded, Medicine was delivered in January. The medicine has made a life change, allowing this man to feed himself, see his livestock, walk and visit with friends. The tremors are much more controlled. Praise God for these changes. May we continue to Glorify God in all we do. We appreciate our Haitian Leaders decisions, to bring about the Medical Clinic. We pray now, we can fund the finishing of the Clinic and the School this Spring. Then we plan to move to a new Summer Vision into 2019. I pray that we are loving children and the community we serve. I pray all see our heart for Jesus.

Sincerely, Jacob Wilson (President) HCHO

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