• Jacob Wilson

Summer HCHO 2020

Haiti's Childrens Hope is celebrating 8 years of sharing and loving children in Morne Barbeau, Haiti. We have seen Haitians making a difference, with a little help from their friends in the USA.

God has blessed our mountain community and beyond, because of vision, prayer, hard work, shared love, and a caring church and community. This area has dealt with malnutrition, child slavery, violence in families, sexual abuse, teen pregnancy, disease, and poor health systems. The population has endured hurricanes, earthquakes, drought, political unrest, kidnapping, unemployment and violence. To my amazement our Christian community has been so resilient and served with love and perseverance.

Our team has developed 5 Programs over these 8 years:

  1. Two Kids Clubs-Morne Barbeau and Destra

  2. Education System- including a school 230 students, Primary to 6th grade

  3. Community development- Food for Life (goats given to families), a deep water well that provides clean water to the school, the students families and the community

  4. Child Sponsorship-166 currently sponsored and receiving their uniforms, meals, books, teaching and medical care

  5. Medical Clinic-staffed by Medical Professionals

Thanks so much for being a part of this through your prayers and support!

HCHO has added to the community's spiritual, educational, medical, social, and nutritional value. This has been accomplished through prayer, leadership, inspiration, perspiration, through loving people with a great interest in sharing their lives to improve the situation of this community and others.

98% or more of each dollar has been sent directly to Haiti to use in our programs, thanks to the very small amount of overhead in the USA. We are so grateful for the US volunteers that make it possible for so much of the money to go directly to our Haitian family.

Over the past year we have built an additional 4 classrooms, for grades 6th to 9th. This is exciting! We also have some current projects that are unfolding:

  1. We have broken ground on a new modern kitchen and lunchroom.

  2. We are looking at a farm near the school and medical clinic and a church property purchase near the ocean.

  3. We are expanding and sharing with other schools and communities as we grow.

To see current photos of these projects as they unfold visit us on Facebook - Haiti's Children's Hope Organization.

We have partnered with Compassion International, Samaritan's Purse, Lifeline Ministries, and Convoy of Hope, on various projects in the last year.

We are happy for all of the prayers and support shared to improve children's lives, as we make a substantial difference in a challenging and changing world. May God Bless us as we continue to move forward.

In Jesus name for his children,

Jacob E. Wilson

President - Haiti's Childrens Hope Org.

Lincoln, Nebraska



Haiti's Childrens Hope Org. School admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.

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